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Dec 29, 2023


Relative to the Dec 10th message on SHAPE (Spiritual Gift, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience), it seems that four of the items (Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience) can and will change over time. However, concerning your Spiritual Gift(s), is it possible for them to change over time (added or removed), or are they given once when you accept Christ and then never change?


My short answer is that God can and will do whatever He wants in order to accomplish His will. Oftentimes people fail to exercise their gifts, at least for a time, so you may not know you have a particular one until God reveals it. We can 'bury our treasure' and not try to do things that we don't feel confident in. This could result in an appearance of "and 10 years later I had a teaching gift", when you had it the whole time but for some reason were not involved in ministing/using that gift, or were living in sin etc. The general idea that I see in scripture is that Spiritual Gifts (one or more) are given upon salvation (the Holy Spirit brings it with Him into your heart), but the process of sanctification (making you more like Chist) takes time and as that happens and you surrender to God and live for Him, it is then (and over time) that He 'reveals' the gift/gifts that He gave you. Some of us need to be made humble enough in order to use our gifts so that we don't forget that they are God's. I don't believe that gifts "change", but they can mature and be made more effective by exercising them, and can be manifested, or put to use in different ways. All within the Holy Spirits orchestration of the needs for the church and timing and believers being used to Glorify Him. God's part is 1 Cor 12:11 “All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills” and our part is 1 Cor 12:31 and 1 Cor 14:1, “earnestly desire”. I pray that you/we approach this as we should - with wonder, with humility, and with thankfulness. Whether He gives more, reveals more, or only gives one simple gift - it is all for His glory and we are blessed to be made a part of His Kingdom and HIS Kingdom work.

You asked a great question and I hope it has been answered. If you have more questions about the topic please reach out to the Pastor or an Elder, we would love to hear from you.