eGIVING - What is it?

What is it?

An easy way to make both one-time andrecurring contributions online.

Process is simple, safe and secure directly to the church.

Contributions may be made online by direct payment from bank account.

Contributions may be made from credit/debit card.

Contributions may be made by selecting direct transfer from bank account to church account, no online required.

Mobile app available for transfers.

This does not replace the present contribution process.

eGIVING - Frequently Asked Questions

How do automated contributions work?

You select a payment method, start date, frequency and contribution amount. On the scheduled date(s), donations will be processed and deposited into the church bank account. When will my contributions be processed?

Your contributions will be processed on the date(s) you authorize. What can I use to show I made a donation?

The itemized list of electronic transactions that appear on your bank or credit card statement can be used as proof of your donations. Will I receive a receipt?

Yes. You will receive a receipt via email, and you will also be able to view transactions in your giving history. Guest donors will receive a receipt if they choose to enter their email address when completing a donation. How can I participate in the offering during service?

Either write “I give electronically” on the outside of an envelope or contact the church office and request an “I Give Electronically” card to drop into the offering plate.

You can cancel or suspend donations by notifying the church or by going online and signing into your account. I made a mistake and donated the wrong amount. How can I get a refund?

Contact the church office and they will be able to credit the amount donated in error back to your account – just like when you return an item you bought at a store or online. What payment methods can I use to donate?

Donations can be made with all major debit/credit cards currently accepted by your church. You can also give or pay using your checking or savings account.

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